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Am I A Candidate For Lawsuit Funding?

Find out if you are a candidate for legal funding. CC: Eleaf

“I’m taking you to court!”


Have you said these words recently? Perhaps they’ve sent a little shiver up your spine, not because of the upcoming court case, but due to the impending costs. While we all deserve our day in court, we also deserve the peace of mind that we can afford the associated legal fees. Lawsuit funding is an ideal way to help alleviate the financial pressures of going to court.


Find out if you’re a candidate for a lawsuit loan:





Are You The Plaintiff?

As the plaintiff, or claimant, you are seeking damages from the defendant for alleged wrongs he or she has committed against you.


Do You Have An Attorney?

It’s important to already be represented by an attorney so can discuss your eligibility for lawsuit funding with him or her. cannot and does not refer attorneys.


What Type Of Lawsuit Is Your Lawsuit? can support most cases ranging from antitrust, breach of contract, car accidents to wrongful death and wrongful termination. If you are seeking a divorce, personal judgements or have an SSD/SSI case, we cannot assist you with legal financing. For the full list of approved lawsuits, visit our Types Of Lawsuits page.


Do You Have Bills That Need To Be Paid?

Lawsuit funding is designed to help plaintiffs stay on their feet. This could mean paying for the mortgage, car payments, medical bills, groceries and more. Or, perhaps, the lawsuit funding you receive can assist with maintaining the cost of litigation and help you see your case through.



Getting A Lawsuit Loan

If you meet all the qualifications — Congratulations! — you are a candidate for lawsuit funding and can take the next step to get the financial support you need. Fill out the online form at and we will contact you soon.

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