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Class Action Lawsuit Funding


Financing for Class Action Lawsuits

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Large corporations have the advantage of teams of high price lawyers to defend them against lawsuits. In the United States a method of evening the playing field developed, commonly called a class action lawsuit. The words action and lawsuit are legally interchangeable, so the familiar terminology is redundant.


A class suit or class action suit is a lawsuit that includes one or more parties who are referred to as a “class” and are then represented by one representative in that particular group. Typically, a plaintiff will sue a defendant on behalf of the whole group and this can include absent people or parties because they may live in another state. In lieu of an individual suit by one person against one company, with a class action this allows several people who can sometimes include hundreds or thousands of people to resolve their court case against one company. Class actions can come about from a fraud, a deception or misrepresentation of an item. They can also come about from a recall where a product was defective and caused harm. A lot of cases start out with a few complaints and can quickly grow into a class action.

The main class action lawsuit procedures are:

Filed in both federal and state courts, class action suits have specific formats and procedures that they follow. Below are examples of class action suits:

With class action lawsuits, these procedures include certification, definition of the class, notification of the parties involved, opting out, arranging counsel and distribution of damages. Below are examples of class action suits and further details about filings:

Seeking a Class Action Settlement?

Due to faulty products on the market, defects, recalls and deceptive practices, people have problems with products and services every day. Sometimes these problems can lead to medical conditions or death and that’s why as a consumer, the consumer has rights that should be protected.

For anyone who believes that they have suffered from a faulty product or experienced side effects, a medical condition or accident from a product’s effects – even if the product was recalled, it is best to consult an attorney who specializes in class action lawsuits and has a thorough and in depth knowledge in that particular area of the law.

Because there are several different options that may be available to a consumer, a lawyer can help with pursuing class action settlements. They may also help the consumer obtain a favorable settlement based on a class action suit that has already started or by initiating one if it’s found that there is more than one complaint against a company or person. In filing a claim, the consumer can seek out a settlement loan, which is money from the settlement, once litigation has begun. Look at the settlement loan as a type of cash advance that can help with medical costs, bills and paying for the lawyer’s fees.


Financing for a Lawsuit?

Legal fees can be covered during your case:

  • Get early access to money you can use now to cover your attorney fees
  • Class action lawsuit loans: No credit check or co-signer required
  • Use your settlement loan from a projected successful case to pay medical bills
  • Get approved in a day or two and have your money ASAP
  • Pay your bills to cover your utilities, law fees, and other expenses
  • If your case doesn’t win, you don’t have to pay anything back

With a class action lawsuit, a person can receive the money they need towards their future settlement. This can help to lift the stress and financial burdens commonly associated with a lawsuit. While a person may worry that they may feel alone going up against a big company, like David vs. Goliath, in all actuality, the settlement loan helps to give the person money that’s needed now as the class action suit seeks out the compensation from the company.

How is the loan approved? The loan company will review the case based on the successful outcome determination and the chances of successfully winning the case. If the case is lost, the person doesn’t have to pay anything back.

Another reason to get involved in a class action settlement is because companies should be accountable for the mistakes they make or ways that their products may harm the public. The benefit in doing this is that as more people come forward, it forces the company to take ownership for their actions.

Additional benefits to class action settlement loans is that the person may be able to use their loan to help with expenses, medical costs, utilities and other bills that may be the result of having lost time from work due to a faulty, defective or deceptive product. If the person has lost time from work or their job, there may be monetary compensation that can be included in the class action settlement to help with lost time from work.

If the person is unable to go back to work as a result of their injuries or if a death resulted from the faulty, defective or deceptive product, this may contribute to the need for a wrongful death suit in addition to a class action suit. As clients are able to take out the settlement money that they need it alleviates the stress from them with litigation fees and other related expenses that they may have.

Settlement loans resulting from a class action suit can also help if the person is suffering from a debilitating injury that affects their daily lives. This loan can also benefit if they are or were married to someone who was the sole bread winner and can no longer work due to a faulty, defective or deceptive product. As more people come forward and complain, a company has to take corrective actions to either replace the product or recall it, and this may lead to monetary compensation for parties affected by it.