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Commercial Litigation Funding


Financing for Commercial Litigation

Get a loan to fund your commercial litigation settlement

Litigation can be costly, get the resources you need to succeed

Litigation can be extremely expensive. Below are the resources that you need to help get financing towards your case now…

A commercial litigation lawsuit is a type of court case related to business issues where disputes may be resolved between parties as it relates to different types of fraud, contracts or fiduciary law. As there are a lot of different types of commercial litigation suits, they may be cases that are based on a breach of contract, an unjust enrichment, an act of fraud, a misrepresentation or a gross negligent misrepresentation. There may also be professional liabilities, too.

Commercial litigation commonly falls under fraud and deceptive trading practices, misuse of intellectual property rights, agreements limiting competition, abuses of trust, securities law violations, breach of contract, employer and/or employee disputes, or tortuous interference with contracts.

Seeking a Commercial Litigation Settlement?

Due to various types of business matters, commercial litigation can be relatively simple or extremely complex and take years to find viable alternatives and resolutions. Because this level of corporate and business related litigation can be very broad in scope, a loss at this level can leave a person or company subject to having to pay a damages award.

For anyone who believes that they may have a substantial claim, a win may not always result in a settlement right away, and the costs involved may be more costly than the damages sought in a potential claim. If the person bringing about the lawsuit owns a business, the lawsuit may have a negative impact on their own firm or company which can result in loss of business.

Because there are various types of options that are available to a person and/or a business, an attorney can help with pursuing commercial litigation settlements. An attorney may also help the person and/or their company to obtain a favorable settlement based on a commercial litigation suit that has already been initiated if it’s determined in advance that the person and/or their company may have a successful outcome. In pursuing a claim, the person can request a settlement loan, which is cash money that’s taken from their settlement, once litigation has started. Consider the settlement loan as a way to get a cash advance that can then be used for medical bills, personal expenses and paying for various court costs and attorney’s fees.

Financing for a Lawsuit?

Legal expenses can be paid for during your case:

  • Get instant access to cash money that can pay for court costs
  • With no credit check and no co-signer required, approval is sometimes instant
  • Settlement loan funds from a successful case pay expenses now
  • Approvals can come in as little as a day or two with access to money right away
  • Commercial litigation lawsuit loans pay bills, utilities, and other expenses
  • 100% risk free, you don’t pay anything if you don’t win your case
  • Get the necessary cash flow back into your business

With a commercial litigation lawsuit, a person is able to take out a cash loan from the money they would receive in their future settlement. A great reason to tap into this type of cash loan is that it can ease the financial stress that is routinely associated with a lawsuit. When a person is faced with a commercial litigation suit, they may feel like they can’t fund the case or that they will never win because they don’t have a team of high profile attorneys. Settlement loans can help to pay for attorney’s fees, all court costs and other expenses.

How is a settlement loan approved? When a person contacts a settlement loan company, they’ll take the details down and verify the case information. When a successful outcome is determined, the loan is then approved. If it’s determined the case can’t be won, the loan request is denied. If it’s approved and the person doesn’t win their case, they don’t have to pay any of the money back.

Another reason to pursue a commercial litigation settlement is for the person filing the suit to be able to protect things like their intellectual property rights, their business and other information. The benefit to doing this is to ensure companies know that they cannot infringe upon the rights of another person or company. It also holds a company accountable for incidents of fraud.

Additional benefits to pursuing commercial litigation settlement loans are that the person and/or company may need time to prepare their case and gather information. The money taken out in a loan can help to assemble a legal team and gather all the evidence need when arguing cases in court related to trademarks, trade secrets or copyright information. The settlement loan may also help with expenses that a business has to cover if their company lost money due to a violation, fraudulent act or trade secret being stolen that may have contributed to loss of business.

If the person is suing to protect their rights, information and trade secrets, the loan can help whether it is a person or business that is filing the suit. While fee arrangements can be made with attorneys, commercial litigation can be very costly and it can take time to find the potential outcome that one may seek. Successful cases come about when people and/or businesses are prepared in court and have all the help they need. Lawsuit loans can help take the stress out of litigation.


A commercial litigation suit is a lawsuit that involves a business and pertains to the rights of a business as it relates to taking legal action surrounding business deals and transactions. It can relate to the entire business, a trade, fraudulent act or other area where the company may have breached an agreement of some type. It may also include advertising, collections, contracts, marketing, bankruptcy, marketing, securities, or trades.

This is a civil law branch that includes both public and private law. Generally a case of this type involves two or more businesses. They will hire a business litigation attorney who will handle their case which may be related to debt collection, breach of contracts, property rights violations, antitrust, franchise disputes, shareholder or partner disagreements, misuse of intellectual property rights and other types of business related matters.

Financing for a Lawsuit?

Legal fees can be expensive during a lengthy case

  1. Commercial litigation cases can sometimes take months or years to settle.
  2. A person and/or company may be faced with damage claims if they lose their case.
  3. Commercial litigation settlement loans can help pay costly legal fees and expenses.
  4. Settlement funds can help to cover business expenses and fees to prepare case evidence and loan money can be used for a business during the case.

The main commercial litigation lawsuit procedures are:

Commercial litigation suits are filed commonly in civil court. Below are examples of commercial litigation suits:

  • Agreement Limiting Competition
  • Intellectual Property Misuse
  • Fraud and Trade Secret Theft
  • Violations of Securities Law
  • Trust Abuses
  • Breach of Contract

The main commercial litigation lawsuit procedures are:

With commercial litigation lawsuits, these procedures involve one person and/or business filing claims or suits against a company. Below are examples of commercial litigation suits and further details about filings:


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