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Construction Lawsuit Funding


Financing for Construction Lawsuits

Get a loan to fund your construction settlement

Lawsuits can be time consuming and costly. Below are the resources that you need to get financing now…

A construction lawsuit is a particular type of court case that comes about routinely from a person being injured on the job while working for a construction company. It can also take place if a person was injured working for a construction company and they died on the job. While there are several types of construction lawsuits, it’s very important to contact an attorney that can represent the person who was injured. Even if they died, the family can contact a law firm to file suit against the construction company. In a lot of cases with personal injury suits, there may be more than one party involved. A lawyer may need to sue the contractors, owners of the construction site and additional parties.

Construction lawsuit claims can generally include wrongful death suits, personal injury claims or worker’s compensation. Reasons for construction accidents can also vary and may include falling from elevators, falling objects that struck a person, crane accidents, defective equipment, electrical hazards, poor safety precautions, structures that have collapsed and slips/falls.

Seeking a Construction Settlement?

Construction lawsuits can be very complex as liability has to be proved, witness statements have to be taken, the construction site needs to be inspected and any faulty equipment has to be tested. Because this type of litigation can be very time consuming in identifying all liable parties, a loss of this magnitude can leave an injured worker unable to work again and without any source of income.

For anyone who was injured or is filing a claim on behalf of someone killed in a construction accident, they may have the grounds for a substantial claim. Even with all the attorney fees, court costs and other related monetary costs, an attorney can help and a construction settlement loan can help the person or family to have some income coming in until the case settles.

An attorney can help to start the claim and let the person or family member know the possible duration of a lawsuit of this type and the projected about they could expect to win from the claim. The attorney can also help with giving approval to the loan company so the person or the family can take money out now against a future settlement so they can pay any court costs and bills that they may have until their case is settled. The settlement loan isn’t a structured payment, but an actual loan based on the money the person or the family may receive when the case settles. Consider a loan that can ease the stress of having a loss of income. The good news is even if the case is lost, there’s nothing to pay back.

Benefits of a Construction Lawsuit Loan

  • Get instant access to cash money to support a successful case
  • There’s no credit check and no co-signer required, approval is quick and instant
  • Get early access to your settlement loan money now
  • Simple and easy approvals with access to money ASAP
  • Construction lawsuit loans pay medical bills, daily expenses and court fees
  • 100% no risk: You don’t pay if you don’t win
  • Get back on track financially until your case settles

With a construction lawsuit, it’s a very easy process for a person or family on behalf of the person to request a settlement loan based on the successful outcome of their court case. It can instantly give cash that’s needed to relieve the financial burden from a loss of income. With a construction lawsuit, a person or family may feel like they have no options or no way out. Settlement loans can help to give the person or family financial freedom to pay their bills, court expenses and other debts.

How will the construction settlement loan be approved? When a person or their family member reaches out to a settlement loan company, they’ll verify the case details and if it’s confirmed that there will be a successful outcome, the loan is instantly approved – That’s it. Once it’s approved, the paperwork is set up, the person or family can review the contract, see the interest rate, have any questions answered, sign off and receive their money in as little as a day or two.

A benefit to pursuing a construction settlement is to send a message to the construction company that they have to implement measures to keep all work areas safe. Sometimes on construction sites foreman and contractors will take short cuts, not secure equipment safely and not post the appropriate hazards. When workers are injured or there are fatalities, a lawsuit sends the message that heinous actions won’t be tolerated.

Additional benefits to construction settlement loans include that the person or their family will now be stress free from increasing debts and can use the money they need for their case, their bills and expenses. Settlement loans can help especially when the money is needed the most as some construction lawsuits can take a few months to a year or longer to settle.

Because a person or family has to sue more than one party and it can take time for all materials and evidence to be gathered, the settlement loan eases the burden while the case is being pursued. While this won’t replace a missing family member if they died as the result of negligence, it can help to let the family know that they do have representation and help for their case.

What is a Construction Lawsuit

A construction suit is a lawsuit that involves a person or family suing a company, usually a construction site for an injury or death that may be related to a person who worked on a job site being injured or a fatal accident in which they died. Types of negligent construction can include lawsuits as a result of property damage or lawsuits as the result of injuries or even death. Additionally, construction lawsuits can be the result of workers who were injured or killed, or non-workers who were injured or killed.

Construction lawsuits may seek in damages all lost wages and this may include missed time off the job and any medical expenses that were incurred. They may also include pain and suffering from the injuries or if the person died. The attorneys may also seek monetary compensation for loss of normal livelihood.

Financing for a Lawsuit?

Court costs can be expensive while pursuing a case:

  1. Construction cases may take a few months or over a year to reach settlement.
  2. A person or their family may need money for court and daily living expenses.
  3. Construction settlement loans will quickly pay court fees and other expenses.
  4. Settlement funds can get a family’s medical bills paid and they can use the extra money while they are waiting for their case to reach settlement.

The main construction lawsuit procedures are:

Construction suits are filed in superior court for the county where the site is located or in circuit court for personal property claims. Below are examples of construction suits:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Loss of Personal Property
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Product Liability
  • Construction Defects

With construction lawsuits, these proceedings can involve one person and/or their family suing a construction company and/or other parties such as the contractor, foreman, etc. Below are examples of construction suits and further details about filings: