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Common Lawsuit Financing Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for a cash advance?

If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit (see Types of Lawsuits) and you are currently represented by an attorney, you may be eligible for a cash advance against the pending settlement of the lawsuit.

Upon completing the information form, we will contact you to discuss your case and will determine whether you are eligible — usually after discussing it with your attorney. There are no credit checks and you do not need a job

Why is this service valuable to me?

The most valuable service we offer you is financial flexibility. Many of our clients are faced with financial hardship due to the events that caused their lawsuit. Accordingly, many plaintiffs face pressure to settle their cases for less than fair value.

When you accept a cash advance from us, you allow your attorney to seek the highest possible settlement from the case.

Do I pay anything now?

No. You repay your advance and pay us our advance fee from the proceeds of your settlement, if and when the case settles. That’s the only fee you ever pay.

What happens if I ultimately lose my lawsuit?

Nothing. You keep your cash advance and you repay nothing to us.

How long does it take to get my cash advance?

You will generally have your funds in 24-48 hours from receipt of the required information from you.

Is this cash advance a loan? Are you extending me credit? Does it go on my credit report?

No, no and no. Since we share the risk of recovery from your lawsuit, this transaction is a cash advance, not a loan. Because it is not a loan, we are not extending you credit and this transaction does not appear on your credit report.