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Labor Law Lawsuit Funding


Financing for Labor Law Related Lawsuits

Get a loan to fund your labor law settlement

Litigation can be costly, get the resources you need to succeed

There are both federal and state laws that regulate the relationship between employees and their employers. The laws, judicial decisions and agency regulations also direct the interaction between employers and the trade unions of their employees for the purpose of preventing discrimination, ensuring a safe work environment and fair treatment.

Seeking a Labor Law Related Settlement?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is one of the most important labor laws. It sets mandatory safety standards that must be met by employers. This is especially important for jobs that are inherently more dangerous than others such as construction, mining, transportation, fishing, agriculture, logging and manufacturing.

If you have been harmed on the job or your employer has discriminated against you for any reason, you may have a claim under one of the many labor laws. If you feel that it would be too costly to start a law suit, you can get help from a settlement loan.

Labor Law Case Process

Once proceedings have started, you are eligible for a loan based on the outcome of your claim whether it goes to court or is settled out of court. This would be a great help if you have to fight a large corporation that has unlimited funds.

If you decide to file a labor law lawsuit, and it is not settled out of court but goes to trial, these are the steps you will take.

A legal complaint will be drafted and filed by your lawyer that contains the legal issues and facts of your case. The people you are suing will respond with their legal defenses. This may take two months or more.

Questions will be asked to you and any witnesses about your case. These will be in written form. During the deposition, the defendant’s lawyer will ask you a lot of questions. Your lawyer will prepare you for this. At this point, the trial will start and may take a day or up to several months.