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Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Funding


Financing for Legal Malpractice Lawsuits

Get a loan to fund your legal malpractice settlement

Litigation can be costly, get the resources you need to succeed

Legal malpractice, like medical malpractice, is a valid reason to file a lawsuit. Lawyers have an obligation to represent their clients properly and uphold their end of an agreement. There are many reasons an individual might feel obligated to file a legal malpractice lawsuit.

If you feel like you were not properly represented in a court case, your lawyer misappropriated funds or simply did not provide the service you paid for, you may have grounds for taking them to court.

Seeking a Legal Malpractice Settlement?

When you hire a lawyer to represent you, it is normal to expect them to live up to their claims. If your lawyer promised you a higher settlement than you received or took a larger share than they originally claimed they would during your consultation, you may be entitled to sue for those funds.

If you are in the middle of a court case and you feel that your current lawyer is not properly representing you or is just not putting enough effort into your case, you have options. You should not continue working with a lawyer who is not working with your best interest at heart. It is entirely reasonable to fire a lawyer and hire a new one if you feel like your money is not being well spent.

It can be difficult to obtain funding for a legal malpractice suit, but you do have options if you feel like you have a case. Before applying for a settlement loan, it is important to find a new lawyer to represent you. After you find new legal representation, discuss your options with them.

Explain to the lawyer that a representative from a settlement loan firm will be contacting them in the near future and let them know why you need the funds. Most lawyers will be willing to work with settlement companies once they fully understand your situation.