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Patent Infringement Lawsuit Funding


Financing for Patent Infringement Lawsuits

Get a loan to fund your patent infringement settlement

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Engaging in a patent infringement lawsuit often requires the services of a patent enforcement firm. This is a type of law firm that specializes in patent litigation. A negotiation is often sought out before filing a lawsuit to avoid prolonged cost and time for litigation proceedings. Patent infringement lawsuits can be used as a tool to reach a favorable outcome. Consult with a patent attorney to assess all your options.

Seeking a Patent Infringement Settlement?

A patent infringement lawsuit is typically filed in a District Court where the infringement occurs. When a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff has a burden of proof for showing that they are the original inventor for a patent.

A defendant will need to prove that infringement did not occur, the patent is not valid, and that it is not enforceable.

Negotiated Settlement

This is an outcome that results in a licensing agreement. This is an agreement in which the defendant in a patent infringement lawsuit makes a royalty payment to the patent owner. Royalty payments will give the patent owner a stream of income. Some negotiations may also result in retroactive payments.


This is an outcome that requires the use of a mediator. The mediator is provided to facilitate negotiation with the plaintiff and defendant of a patent infringement lawsuit. Faster settlements may result by using a mediator for negotiation. Settlements that are negotiated with a defendant cannot be appealed.


This is an outcome that can result when a negotiated settlement cannot be reached. According to, many law firms will split the proceeds or a settlement or take a specific percentage. This is an aggressive stance that is taken if a defendant refuses to negotiate in good faith. Trial lawyers that are hired by a plaintiff will try a case in front of a jury, a judge, or an arbitrator.