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How a pre settlement loan can help you win!

The legal process can be long and confusing, with lot’s of twists & turns along the way.

Settlement Loans

It can take months before a lawsuit settles. At, we work to give you instant settlement loans that you can receive right away. Settlement money is money that’s waiting for you in the court case that you have so that way you have the appropriate money to help with your case which can sometimes take a few months or up to a year. When you need to have your medical expenses, court related costs, or other bills paid, seek out a lawsuit loan that can help to get you the money/capital that you need now.

Money to Cover your Expenses Now…

Because you are pursuing litigation, you might not be able to work or you may have severe injuries or trauma that has caused you to not be able to go back to work. You may have also been laid off from your job and maybe your expenses are so great, you need a loan while you’re waiting for your Worker’s comp or your unemployment check to be issued.

Primary settlement loans are the perfect way to give you a little bit of help with easing the financial burden. No one wants to have to pursue litigation in such a stressful condition. When you utilize a settlement loan this is an option that can help you especially if you’re involved in a lawsuit to give you temporary financial relief. Contact us at (877) 386-3379 today!

You Can Have Your Money Right Now…

You may even be facing expenses that you don’t have the money to cover right now and if you were able to take a loan out from your settlement this might be able to help you to get court costs paid and other financial obligations.

When lenders give you money from a settlement loan, you only pay when you win your case and sometimes this is an added benefit and a sigh of relief because this can help you with your bills right now and you know that the funds to pay back your loan will be there when you have been awarded your settlement – It’s that simple!

How does a settlement loan work?

The process is very easy. With this particular type of loan funding, an estimate can be based on the type of legal claim that you have and your settlement is actually used as a form of collateral. It’s not even necessary that you put down physical collateral or that you guarantee a repayment and you have to have someone sign off on the loan with you. In essence, the lender is aware that you are pursuing a legal claim and you need the money for your particular type of case. That’s one of the reasons that it is easier and faster to expedite funding for a settlement case in this manner because you’re able to get the money that you need for your claims and you can start getting those bills paid.

This is Not a Structured Settlement

In understanding settlement loans, it’s worth noting that this is not the same as if you were getting structured settlement payments from a particular type of case that you had. A settlement loan is basically to cover your court costs and any day to day that’s it you may have incurred or even medical expenses while you are pursuing your case.
this is a lump sum payment that can help you while you’re waiting for your case to be settled so that way it takes off the financial burden off of you and a lump sum payment that you receive or even small incremental payments can help you to pay back your debts down so that you’re not feeling as if you’re underwater while your case is waiting to be settled.

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Money You Can Access When You Need it Most…Today!

One of the reasons that you want to contact and use them for your settlement loan is that while you can shop around for any type of lender that can help you with the specific legal obligations that you have, will help you with your loan, they can answer questions about your interest rate and any types of payments, and this is beneficial so you know you are working with a reputable lawsuit lending service that can help you.

What Can My Settlement Loan be Used Towards?

When you get your settlement loan, you can use the money towards household utilities, court fees, legal fees, medical bills, and any other related expenses that may come up to help you to pay down the debts that you have incurred during your particular case and until your case settles.

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What is a Pre Settlement Loan and How is it Used?

A pre-settlement loan is a type of cash advance that you can request and at any lawsuits. Calm, this is a cash advance that you can request right away. If you find that you’re waiting for your claim to settle, and it hasn’t been resolved yet so you don’t know exactly what your settlement is going to be, you can request a cash advance against your future settlement. Because were able to issue these loans to you right away, this can help with various expenses such as medical bills, getting a replacement vehicle, or even helping you to pay back court fees or any other obligations such as your utilities while you are waiting for your case to settle. The good news about taking up cash advance in this matter is there’s no credit check that has to go along with it and there’s also no cosigner that has to be involved. This is merely a simple process of having you sign document to see the money that you need because given the facts of the case, we know that your claim will be expected at a certain point in time.
With some court cases because they can actually take almost a year for a case to settle, on average is about 10 to 12 months but the goal is when you have bills and debts, you want to use a pre settlement loan so that way you can get money coming in especially if you need it before your case has settled.

Steps to obtaining a settlement loan

When you’re ready to set up a settlement funding, one of the things that you want to consider is contacting any lawsuits. Come early on. One of the reasons that you may want to do this is because sometimes people wait too long and their bills will start to pile up. You may have medical bills, you may be out of work for a period of time, and you may also have lost income for your whole family. By contacting, we can help to expedite the legal funding to help to give you the money that you need now. When you look for legal funding, settlement loans, and cash advances, this is a relatively fast process and sometimes you can get your money in as little as one day with no credit check required.
As soon as you contact us, or go through a simple process of reviewing your application, and then someone will speak to you to get the approval and will send the check to you so that way you have your money. The benefits of doing this if you can use it to pay down your bills and your dads and get yourself back on track. With no upfront fees and no risk, you only pay when you win your case.

You can use your pre settlement money for:

  • Daily Expenses
  • A Rental or Replacement Vehicle
  • Legal and Medical Expenses
  • Paying Utilities and Other Bills
  • Other Needs

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