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A Tale of Two Lawsuits

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For these two plaintiffs, their lawsuit experiences couldn’t haven’t been more dissimilar. Both had been badly injured by negligent underinsured drivers in serious auto accidents. In a blink of an eye, their lives changed.


While their own insurance helped replace their cars, both were injured and had high medical bills and had to take substantial time off work in order to rehabilitate and devote time to their lawsuit. This medical bills starting piling up, and with less money coming in from their cut back hours at work, these two plaintiffs were starting to feel the emotional and financial stress of a lawsuit. Their lawyers said that their case would probably take years to resolve. Both of these plaintiffs needed help to see their cases through.


But this is where the two tales are different.

Choosing between applying for a lawsuit loan or not. CC: nshivar


Plaintiff A And No Lawsuit Funding Support

Plaintiff A told his lawyer that he couldn’t afford to keep the lawsuit going much longer, and asked his lawyer to push for a quick settlement. It had been six months, and he was having trouble keeping the electricity bill up to date. All of his savings were going to fund the lawsuit, and he needed money now. His lawyer pushed for a quick settlement. Next month, after all the legal fees, Plaintiff A barely had more money in his pocket than before he started.

Plaintiff B And Her Lawsuit Loan

Plaintiff B told her lawyer that she couldn’t afford to keep the lawsuit going much longer, but that she was applying for a lawsuit loan. After reviewing the case with her lawyer and AnyLawsuits, she had an ally in the fight, giving her the money she needed to pay for her mortgage, utilities and food so her lawyer could keep her lawyer in the fight. The lawsuit took another nine months, but she was able to cover her lawyer’s fees, pay back the lawsuit loan, and hold out for the best settlement outcome to get all the medical care she needed.


Even though they had similar cases, similar damages and similar chances of winning, Plaintiff B had the backing of a lawsuit loan from AnyLawsuits that gave her an edge.


Don’t give up the fight! Don’t get bullied into an unsatisfactory settlement just because you’re out of time or funds.

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