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Types of Lawsuit Settlements


Funding options for most lawsuits

Even though the legal area is filled with a wide variety of different lawsuits, there are some legal actions that tend to be more commonly known than others. In many of these situations, the individual involved will need to solicit help from a legal professional in order to handle their problems successfully. Some of these lawsuits may be required to go through the courts for a final determination, while others can be handled by the person’s legal representation outside of the courts through negotiation.

Securities Fraud
Slip and Falls
Workers Compensation
Wrongful Death
Wrongful Termination
NO Divorce Cases
NO Personal Judgements

Here are 3 of the most commonly known types of cases and a brief description of what they may entail.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can be described as those that involve injuries that affect the body of a person. In these cases, the person will pursue a remedy that will pay for their medical bills, time off the job and any other associated expenses that may occur as a result of the incident. The lawsuit settlement medical expenses can range from relatively low to substantially high based on the severity of that person’s injuries. Further, the compensation that the attorney seeks may include past, present and future medical expenses.

Car Accidents

Another type of common lawsuit that an individual or a group of people may be involved in is a car accident. In these cases, the lawyer will seek compensation that involves the repair of the vehicle as well as other related property. These damages may vary greatly as well since the body of the car and the mechanical parts of the car may need to be repaired. If the damages are too severe, the attorney in the case may seek to recover damages that will replace the total value of the car.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls is another common type of legal case. This type of case may occur virtually anywhere. From slipping and falling on water in a grocery store to tripping over an item left on the floor of workplace, this type of incident may happen anywhere. Attorneys in these cases will seek a remedy to cover the total cost of the fall so that the person can receive the medical attention to recover completely.

All of the above cases normally require a little time off the job and some time to heal. Therefore, the person may start getting backed up with paying some of their personal and household bills since the pay check has been cut or completely eliminated. Unfortunately, with these problems, people may find that they can easily have problems with their credit history, buying things that they need and a host of other issues related to finances. To avoid these problems, the individual can obtain the help that they need today to recover via a lawsuit loan. These types of loans are provided to the individual until a settlement of their cases has been taken care of. The amounts will also vary from one to another based on the amount that they are expected to receive through the courts or via lawsuit settlements negotiation.