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When Should I Seek Out A Lawsuit Loan?

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Certain things you plan for — going to college, getting a job and starting a family. Going to court is not likely one of those life goals. When faced with putting together a lawsuit, the process can become daunting and may put life on hold. There is also an unplanned financial burden with going to court, that can make it difficult to see cases through. Thankfully, lawsuit loans exist in order to help remove some of the burden for plaintiffs.

The question then becomes when should you seek out a lawsuit loan?


To get the process started, you will need to find an attorney will take your case. This may require some time and initial costs, but finding an attorney you can trust and who will represent you is worth the time and investment.


After you have secured an attorney, he or she will notify you as to the fee agreements and initial fees. Once these terms have been determined, your attorney should prepare and serve your complaint to the person from whom you are seeking damages as well as the court. Once the defendant has been served, the true discovery and litigation process (and costs) have begun.


At this stage, it is recommended that you reach out to AnyLawsuits to see if you apply for a settlement loan. At a bare minimum, you must be represented by an attorney prior to applying for lawsuit funding so we can discuss the case with your attorney.


Our simple and straightforward settlement funding application process was designed to help reduce stress. We will contact you the same day and if your case is approved we can issue or a check or wire transfer your settlement loan within 48 hours. If you or someone you know could benefit from a lawsuit loan, please check out the types of lawsuits we can assist with.


While the timing may never be right to go to court, the advantage of a lawsuit loans is that plaintiffs can continue litigation and make headway towards the normal purchases that one plans for. Things like being able to pay for the mortgage or even groceries. If you find yourself heading into the courtroom trying to collect legal damages, you owe it to yourself to see how a lawsuit loan from can reduce some of the financial strain.

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