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Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Funding


Financing for Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

Get a loan to fund your wrongful termination settlement

Litigation can be costly, get the resources you need to succeed

An employee has certain legal rights pertaining to their employment. While there may be instances in which a contracted employee may be terminated, there are certain circumstances that may constitute wrongful termination and the employee may have a legal case.

Seeking a Wrongful Termination Settlement?

An employee cannot be terminated for discrimination based on age, sex, religious preference, nationality, and race. In some legal jurisdictions, sexual orientation may be grounds for a legal dispute. Retaliation, or commonly known as a “whistle blower”, has legal protection and rights as well.

An employer cannot terminate an employee for filing a claim against the employer. If the employee refuses to commit an illegal act or the employer refuses to follow correct termination procedures, an employee may be able to build a case against an employer and take the employer to court.

What if I was wrongfully terminated?

Finding yourself in this situation is not pleasant for you and your family. In an already tight economy, jobs are scarce and money is tight. You stand a good chance of winning your lawsuit because you did your homework: You compiled accurate records, have taken notes and written down dates, included details of phone conversations and subpoenaed witnesses on your behalf. It looks watertight from your perspective and your attorney’s.

Such lawsuits can take time to build a case, be put on a court docket and come to litigation. Meanwhile, you are unemployed and likely struggling to find gainful employment because of your current situation. Your bills, however, do not get a reprieve and are likely to bring you to litigation as well.

Wrongful Termination Settlement Loans

Now is the time to consider a settlement loan. A settlement loan is not a loan in the strict sense, but a cash advance against your lawsuit proceeds. Settlement loans are a way for you to pay bills and keep your head above water. Credit, income, collateral is irrelevant. Use a settlement loan until your case is settled.