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No-Risk Lawsuit Loans

Waiting on a settlement? Don't feel pressured to settle low. Get a settlement loan and secure access to all of the financial resources you need to stay afloat until your legal case is decided and you receive your pay out!

Get funding for your lawsuit

Legal fees can really add up during a case. Get a pre settlement loan and the finances you need to properly fund your legal team's effort and help you win your case! read more

Types of claims we help finance

Our litigation funding options are non-recourse advance credits - special, no-risk cash advances for settlement payouts. if your case is not decided in your favor, you owe us nothing link.

Pre Settlement Funding Solutions

Our lawsuit funding options are non-recourse advance loans - these are special, no-risk cash advances for settlement payouts. This means if your case does not settle or is not decided in your favor, you owe us nothing. There are no interest payments, in fact no payments at all, until your case is settled.

Disclosure Policy

The Annual Percentage Rate is the rate at which your loan accrues interest. It is based upon the amount of your loan, cost of the loan, term of the loan, repayment amounts and timing of payments and payoff. By law, the lender must show you the APR before you enter into the loan. States have laws limiting the APR that the lender can charge you. For Example: A typical $1,000 Personal Loan will incur interest a yearly APR of 30% which would make the payoff after one year approximately $1,300. For those that do not meet the minimum requirements for an installment loan, alternative loan solutions may be offered to you. Rates specified above are not applicable to alternative loan solutions. Please be sure your lender gives you the APR along with the other terms of your loan before you sign their agreement.

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